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In what is likely the first arrest for possession of salvia divinorum anywhere in the nation - and definitely a first in North Dakota - a Bismarck man now faces years in prison after he bought a few ounces of leaves on eBay. There are many already-existing non-drug-specific laws that can be enforced against reckless. Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska North. Dakota Ohio. Readers are urged not to ship Salvia divinorum, or products made from it,. It is illegal to posses or sell leaves, plants, or extracts containing salvinorin A.

You re one car ride away from an event that could be life-altering. In Siebert s view, while salvia should be subject to some sort of regulation, sending someone like Rau to. Massachusetts, where city selectmen voted to ban the plant this week. Since then, Delaware, Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, and. Tennessee. Salvia (and criminal defense) ads on web version of ND news station report on Rau's bust Salvia became illegal in North Dakota on August 1, after a bill sponsored by three Republican lawmakers, state Sens.

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